Saturday, April 23, 2011

Innkeeping Consultants

InnCeption Consulting for "Life Style Inn Keepers"

As successful innkeepers we offer guidance
for aspiring innkeepers as well as fresh advice for veterans.

New to the business?
Create your business model correctly from its inception!

Discouraged innkeeper
Reinvent yourself!

Our focus is:
"Innkeeper Survival"

My wife Bonnie and I have operated two bed and breakfasts and have garnered a strong repeat clientele. In the process we have received recognition from Yankee Magazine and the Boston Globe 
Our tripadvisor reviews attest to our skill in providing 
excellent experiences for our guests.

Most  importantly: 
After 12 years we still love the business and enjoy a full private life.
Our goal is to teach a balanced, holistic approach to operating a small bed and breakfast. There is a delicate balance between delivering exceptional customer service and finding a satisfying personal life. 
Both are equally essential.

Let us help you find success and a balanced life.
Being an inn keeper is one of the most demanding self employment occupations I can imagine. Most people do not have the “tool box” of skills and techniques to survive for very long. It’s not unusual for new innkeepers to simply give up after a year or two of operating.

However, despite the challenges, inn keeping also can be very rewarding. You will enjoy being your own boss. You will enjoy meeting very interesting people – some of whom may become close friends. 

We can help you survive and thrive as innkeepers. 
If you have always worked for someone else, you may find setting your own course to be sheer delight.